Building and managing business-critical IT & cloud solutions

Global IT Services PSF (GITS PSF) is an independent Luxembourg based service provider regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). We are managing complex IT environments for our clients since 2005. Every day, with our dedicated team of professionals, we earn our client’s trust, by providing technical and operational excellence, compliance, data security and innovation.

We provide custom solutions and management services for any type of business critical platforms and applications. GITS PSF offer a highly secure cloud platform (GITS Cloud) operated from two Tier IV data-centres located in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. This GITS Cloud hosts tailor made solutions and capabilities to provide highly secure and private cloud environments. All solutions proposed are deployed and managed according to the highest standards possible.

For many years, we are specialised in end to end IT outsourcing for Professionals of the Financial Sector (PFS). The services and platforms are managed by a highly driven and knowledgeable team of dedicated network, system and support engineers.

Due to our comprehensive solution and services portfolio we can deliver bespoke solutions for any small and medium sized businesses. Among our clients, we are proud to have fiduciaries, fund administrations (AIFM, ManCo), banks, asset & fund management and substance companies, mostly subject to regulatory supervision, and having a global footprint.

With service, compliance, security and client focus at our core, Global IT Services PSF builds and maintains sophisticated IT and cloud environments that contribute to the success of our client’s business.

Our strengths

High performance, high quality

A highly driven no-nonsense team focused on delivering flexible, professional and innovative IT solutions and tailored managed services.

Your business first

Together with our clients we build the best technological solutions where their business objectives always come first. Along the way we provide a unique combination of stability and innovation that supports our customer’s success.

Professionals of the Financial Sector (PFS)

Our goal is to help and guide our clients towards compliant and regulated IT following European standards and standards set by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).

End-to-end outsourcing

GITS PSF distinguishes itself by accompanying clients from design to deployment, and from testing into production of any business-critical IT & cloud solution in any private or hybrid cloud scenario.

Personal attention

The team works hard and with passion. Our engineers are available on the phone or per email and always willing to help; we try to avoid impersonal communication and are fair and straight in the way we work.

In business since ‘05

A fast growing, independent company that has been managing complex IT environments for its clients since 2005. Every day, we earn the trust of our customers, by achieving operational excellence, compliance, data security and innovation.

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