GITS PSF commitments as a processor

Within the GDPR framework GITS PSF are considered a Data Processor and our customers are considered Data Controllers. This will typically be the case when customers use our services and store data on a GITS PSF managed service or infrastructure.

The responsibility of the Data Processor is to ensure that any Personal Data that is processed on behalf of, and by instruction of the controller, are always protected and kept confidential. Personal Data residing inside applications such as hosted accounting software or a Customer Relation Management applications fall outside of the scope of GITS PSF’s Data Processor responsibilities.

Our goal is to ensure personal data is protected

Our commitments:

  • GITS PSF will process any data stored solely in accordance with your instructions, and on your behalf.
  • Processing personal data solely for the purposes of carrying out the services correctly: GITS PSF will never process your information for any other purposes without your explicit consent (marketing, etc.);
  • Informing our customers if we have enlisted a subcontractor to process personal data;
  • Applying strict security standards to provide a high level of security for our customers;
  • Reporting any data breach to our customers without “undue delay”;
  • Helping you meet your own regulatory obligations, by providing you with adequate documentation of our services.
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